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Morgann Gicquel

This feisty French filmmaker has started directing films when she was 9 in her bedroom using plushies and LEGOs for actors and sets and she has not stopped since...

Armed with a bachelor's in Philosophy and a Masters in film directing she has directed more than 30 short films, 100+ viral videos, brand content, testimonials and one feature documentary she's very proud of.


A storyteller at heart, with a passion for stop-motion animation and shooting on actual film (whether 8, 16 or 35), there's not much she can resist when a good story can be told. Especially a good ending, she loves a good ending.

An activist for LGBTQIA+ rights and civil liberties, she always aims to offer a nurturing and safe work environment whether on set or at the office. In retrospect, not much has changed since she was 9 telling stories in her bedroom.

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